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Counterfeit Merchandise, Grey Market Trading, Patents, Trademark, Copyright Design related infringement and other such offenses are eating away the economy of the enterprises. This has to stop and industries have to be protected from these illegal practices.

Vigilante’s networks of detective agents are spreaded all over the country with metro cities being the prime focus. Our sophisticated network enables us to monitor the movement of this Counterfeit, Grey Market Merchandise in the country.

We cover the entire gamut of IPR-related cases in close Co-ordination with our Legal Advisor, whose services are absolutely independent and confidential.

We advise and initiate criminal prosecution on behalf of the client, and also ask them to take resources to civil remedies in appropriate cases. 

In IPR-related cases, we identify and trace out the origin of manufacture, copy or design. We pinpoint the party responsible and accurately describe the dealers responsible for distribution network of the spurious products in order to take effective court action, like obtaining warrants for raids. We work in close associations with lawful enforcements agencies for organizing raids and making seizures under trademarks, copyrights, patents and design laws and thus effectively immobilize the offenders to forestall the further damage to the business.

Once a policeman, always a policeman. After serving the society for over 30 years in the capacity of a senior police officer, my passion to protect the people never seems to cease. So, after retiring as an Inspector General of Police, I formed my own security company headed by my son, Mansur Khan who is the Managing Director and looks after the total functioning of the company.

We offer a variety of security services to M.N.C’s, commercial establishments, housing complexes and large industrial estates. Our services are essentially based on my experience that I have gained from investigations and detection of crime, handling law and order problems, and most importantly dealing with the terrorists and underworld gangs as the head of the
Anti-Terrorist Force. I am sure that my experience will be reflected by the services offered by our organization and our professionalism.